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About Shine Photographics and Media:

Shine is run by Rev Langley Mackrell-Hey, a Methodist Minister based in Louth who uses photography as a means to relate faith. Shine's purpose is to bring faith to life through the power of image. It offers a service to churches, charities, schools, businesses and the media. It is one aspect of a much broader ministry which includes youth work and encouraging new forms of Church.

Shine was formed following a photographic study and exhibition. Titled, ''The Secret Life of a Methodist Minister', the project revealed much about the transforming power of faith and the unseen work of the Church. In addition to taking on commissions for the Methodist Church nationally and within the housing and care sector, the design of websites such as www.louthmethodist.org.uk, www.nicholsyouthproject.org.uk and www.louthpassionplay.org.uk arose naturally.

(Photo: L Shapcott/Shine 2006).

By 2006 a second exhibition was staged in Lincoln Library named, 'The Power of Faith'. It captured the passion, energy and vision that is transforming the work of the Church.

Langley's mentor during his early years was David Edwards, a photographer with over 30 years industrial experience who won 8 national awards including 'Kodak Wedding Photographer of the Year' on two occasions. David said of Langley, 'It is my pleasure to be associated with Shine. The quality of images from this resource are of the very highest standard.'

(Reflecting on the care profession/Shine 2007)

1. Corporate Imaging & Creativity: A different approach
2. Media Work & Press Releases
3 . Calendar Images & Learning Resources

Corporate Imaging & Creativity
5 Photography is the art of seeing through a lens and capturing an image that records a 'decisive moment'.Shine's specialism is in capturing images that speak about faith. Whether we are 'religious' or not, faith is central to our lives.The question for your organisation is, 'Can people put their faith, their trust, in you?'

The last time I went on a rollercoaster, I could see beforehand that the mechanics worked, and that (most) people were having a great time! I therefore put my faith in the system. Our goal is to find the images that reflect the work and ethos of your organisation, and to show why people should put their 'faith' or trust in you.

This is not 'snapshot' photography. We will want to discuss with you the purpose of your organisation, your ethos, and the key themes you wish to uncover. Our images will show your business, your location and your employees as opposed to library images that do not make this connection. We automatically record images at the largest possible size. (Our experience is that many clients start by looking for web images but then have the need to use the images in prints or artwork.) We can review our images with you on site, edit and deliver on the same day. Best of all, we will charge a flat rate for photography and give you a license to use them for 70 years (we take this to be a 'lifetime') with no royalty fees.
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