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Request a booking

We are always willing to respond to both private commissions and Church work. If you would be interested to see if Shine is free to take on a private commission, or if you are the organiser of a Church event and would like to know more about how we can help you, please fill in this form.

Please note that this will not constitute a booking or any agreement on our part to cover an event. It is a means of us contacting you for further discussion.

You are advised to book well in advance.

First Name
Last Name
Organisation (if applicable)
Your E-mail address
Telephone contact
I appreciate Shine's ethos and wish to register my support.
Date of event
Time of event

I would also be interesed in the following services

Digital Imaging (Other than a standard edit)
Training opportunities (eg Software)
Website Design
Calendar Images for Print use
Gold Range Gallery Prints for Display
Assistance with Press Releases