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1. Gold Range Gallery and Portraits/Event Coverage
Please contact us for further information on:

Images at low res on CD
Exhibitions on powerpoint.
Packshot photography.
Digital Editing.

2. Free sreensavers/powerpoint backdrops for use in worship.
3. For other items (such as teaching material, online exhibitions & templates) are posted, see 'Resources & Exhibitions.'

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Powerpoint backdrops: (Click to view the enlarged image, then 'save as')

Most of the time, a plain powerpoint backgorund is ideal for projecting words. Whrere the words of a hymn are concerned, there needs to be a strong difference in colour and contrast for viewing to be easy. Sky pictures are one source of images. Whilst the four examples that I include are not plain all the way through, they will allow text on certain areas - and are therefore useful for those slides that have a leader:response format.



Exhibitions and downloadable images for worship

We have a number of exhibitions that can be used by Churches - we also have a small number of exhibitions and calendar images displayed online.

(1) The Secret Life of a Methodist Minister
(2) The Power of Faith
(3) Faith in Monochrome online exhibitions.
(4) Downloadable images for use in worship.

'The Secret Life' was first shown in Central Methodist Church, Lincoln in 2005 then moving to Lincoln Central Library. 'The Power of Faith' was shown in Lincoln Central Library in 2006. Both exhibitions attracted local and national media interest. 'Faith in Monochrome' is our most recent online exhibition which presently features five sections reflecting different aspects of faith. Each section includes 12 images. Themes include '12 disciples', 'Articles of Faith' and '12 on Mission.'

These exhibitions can be staged by local Churches and are available for loan. In addition we can come to you and share a slideshow presentation. We also hope to make available some of the images on CD-ROM. (At present, online images can only be loaned as powerpoint presentations).

For more information,and a sample of images, click on the above links .