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1. Start-up templates and resources for reflection:
2. Link to Shine's online exhibitions and downloadable images for use in worship
3. Helpful websites for planning worship - local arrangements, assemblies, all-age etc.

This section of the site offers:

(1) Templates to save time and to give you a head start in, for example, preparing powerpoint presentations. Once you have created something that is right in terms of layout, it is easy to duplicate it and adapt it for future use.
(2) Powerpoint backdrops - just a sample, plus some ideas.
(3) Resources to help people reflect on how faith can transform lives. These include a range of studies, intended for small groups on themes such as spirituality, renewal, mission and evangelism. We offer these free of charge. Please right click on the link and select 'save target as' to save the file to your pc and open it, rather than attempting to open it in your browser.

Presently, I am updating the site and will make these links live in the future. however, if you do want anything immediately, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.


Teaching and reflection:

Please note that some of the following material is in very rough form, and not intended for formal publication.
Also note that you will find further useful links together with a blog on fresh expressions at www.louthmethodist.org.uk

Healing I
: An introduction to healing at the heart of Christian community.
Spirituality I: Exorcism - how Christian belief challenges our worldview.
Spirituality II: Charasmatic Renewal and work of the Holy Spirit - from Methodism to Charismatic Renewal.
Spirituality III
: The work of the Holy Spirit - wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing miracles.
Spirituality IV
:An introduction to the work of the Holy Spirit - prophecy, healing, tongues.
Mission I: How the Holy Spirit gifts, empowers and suustains God's people for mission.
Renewal I
: The link between mission and renewal.

Pastoral Heart Mission Mind: Leaflet and formal paper.

Significant paper reflecting on how the Methodist Church resources itself in the future. Looks specifically at the role of both presbyters and the laity with specific reference to pastoral care.
Received and accepted by the Lincoln and Grimsby District Synod.
Due to be forwarded as a minute to Conference in 2009.

Hotkey list for powerpoint presentations. (How to skip slides, bring up a black screen etc)
Sample double sided handout for a flower festival. (Three small images make a big difference!)
Why do we baptise infants? - a solid base for teaching, developed from a sermon.
Christmas message on God never abandoning Jesus - or us.

Media Templates

Handout for Good Friday Walk of Witness (Needs to be accompanied with Easter buns!)
Church welcome card. (Folds-double and can be completed by visitors.)

Sample Powerpoint Presentations/bits

Baptism service (Parts of the liturgy have been adapted or use in front of non-church supporters.)
Confimation service (ibid)
Preaching service 'I am the way, the truth and the life.'
Remembrance Service (order of service and single image)
Images illustrating scripture - from Psalm 18.
Images and prayer service (Use of single image).
Use of sequenced images (Toy bricks removed from wall to illustrate Jesus as the Cornerstone to our faith & living).
Sample Business AGM (With kind permission of Lincolnshire Youth Mission)
Presentation on Methodism (with images included under 'fair use' for educational purposes.)
Presentation on Spirituality, Faith and Religion, suitable for 6th form, general study use.
How to take better photographs. (Used in our talks - Note - this is large.)

Course notes From the 'Sharing Our Faith Series', first developed in 2005.
The full course notes are not included but these slides should offer guidance as to the sources from which we can draw when looking in depth at evangelism and mission.

What is evangelism?
What is mission?
A response to trauma and suffering in the world.
Insights from the creation/evolution debates - sharing our faith with science-minded people.
How do we plan for mission?
Who is ready to hear the gospel?
What kind of God do we preach?
Preaching in a modern age? The difference between modern & postmodern thinking and how it informs our evangelism.

On Line-Exhibitions

We have a number of exhibitions that can be used by Churches - we also have a small number of exhibitions and calendar images displayed online.

(1) The Secret Life of a Methodist Minister
(2) The Power of Faith
(3) Faith in Monochrome online exhibitions.
(4) Downloadable images for use in worship.
(5) Gold Range Gallery Sales

'The Secret Life' was first shown in Central Methodist Church, Lincoln in 2005 then moving to Lincoln Central Library. 'The Power of Faith' was shown in Lincoln Central Library in 2006. Both exhibitions attracted local and national media interest. 'Faith in Monochrome' is our most recent online exhibition which presently features five sections reflecting different aspects of faith. Each section includes 12 images. Themes include '12 disciples', 'Articles of Faith' and '12 on Mission.'

These exhibitions can be staged by local Churches and are available for loan. In addition we can come to you and share a slideshow presentation. We also hope to make available some of the images on CD-ROM. (At present, online images can only be loaned as powerpoint presentations).

For more information,and a sample of images, click on the above links.

Helpful websites

The following have proved useful in the planning of worship. Shortcuts to lectionary readings across the traditions, different versions of the scriptures in one place, sermon helps and ideas for all-age worship.I plan to increase this part of the site, but these are some excellent starting points that lead to other links.

An excellent starting place - set readings across the traditions following through to hymns

Methodist Church (UK) site offering prayer and worship. Material for special cundays. Excellent advice on different approaches to prayer -a good number are ideal for children.Some ready-prepared material for powerpoint. Wider site has good material outlining our Methodist roots and where the Church stands on a range of ethical issues.

United Methodist Church in the USA. Good suggestions to help folks plan a service. Enough to give you an idea - although they do make reference to their own worship book.

This looks to be in its infancy but looks like a site that will grow. Lively!