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Shine images for LACE Housing Association's Royal Visit of HRH the Countess of Wessex for their Olsen Court opening day.

1. Rates
2. Private Commissions and Products
3. Terms of Business: Fees & Copyright

Rates - please ask for a quote
Royalties No fee Shine does not charge royalties for the repeated use of any image taken by us when commissioned by you. Royalties do apply to stock images for use over a given period of time and territory.
Travel and expenses 45p per mile +£10 subsistance allowance if travelling over 2 hours. Please note: minimum half-day for services 40mile outside of Louth.
Per Hour £115 standard UK web & print use We do not provide web only images - all photographs are taken and processed at full resolution and converted to the required size during processing. Prices increase according to territory and circulation.
Half Day (31/2 hrs) £295 use as above  
Full Day (7 hours) £525 use as above  
Processing £20-£180

Typically £20 for half-day, Includes brightness, contrast, cropping, noise removal, conversion from RAW into (1) High Quality, High Resolution JPEGS or TIFFS (16bit) for editing in AdobeRGB colourspace - with low sharpening and (2) High-quality low resolution JPEGS in sRGB colourspace for screen viewing on a variety of platforms.

Additional Digital Editing £65 per hour (minimum) Removal of shadows, objects, balck and white conversion (individually assessed or batch), cross-processing: we will advise.
Burn to CD/DVD £14 + £3 per additional CD  
Set up online gallery on Photobucket £50 (2 years use) You receive web address, username and password, ability to reference and download images posted on-line. We upload images via FTP. This mechanism is a helpful way for clients in different locations to see their images as soon as possible and to comment on the creative process.
CD based web gallery £24 (inc CD/DVD)  
Digital Contact Sheets (PDF) £4

We can produce a PDF of any number of pages, carruing any size of image. PDF's are produced for screen viewing and not print reproduction.

Prints (batch) Special order. At cost plus 10% If client willing to distribute. Resale by client not permitted. Otherwise fee as outlined on online gallery.
Individually assessed, inkjet and archival studio prints, K3 inks.

71/2 x5, £5
9x6, £7.50
A4 Sheet, £10
A3 Sheet, £20

Supplied unmounted and loosely packaged in original box.
Resize and E-mail fee £5 One-off fee on each occasion.
FTP transfer fee £10 Per batch.
Retain gallery fee £10 Per month to retain online gallery.
Storage fee £10 Per month for us to store your images.
Search fee £5 Per request for specific images.
Administration fee £20 Per hour when liaising with your publishers on your behalf.
Travel 45p/mile Or at cost on public transport.

Please e-mail or phone us for a quote.
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Private Commissions for Portraits and Gold Range Gallery Prints

Basic price of £105 for a mobile portrait service - this includes a 10x8 and 9x6 print. Further sales are carried out through our online ordering service.

Our Terms of Business: Fees

  • All prices are quoted on application and are valid for a period of 3 months unless a booking is made and a date has been agreed.
  • All invoices must be paid within 30 days.
  • All studio prints carry a 10 year's guarantee against discolouring or light fading. Accidental damage is not included. We will issue you with guidelines on how to store and display them safely.
  • Prints produced by Fotopics or any other third party are subject to their on guarantee. Please alert us as to any issues of concern but in the first instance any quieries should be directed towards them.
  • Any monies paid for the above services shall be fully refundable if customer satisfaction is not achieved.
    In this event all goods sent to the customer shall be returned to us.
  • All files of any description are virus scanned before delivery and are free of known viruses at the time of delivery.
  • Your purchase and use of any photographic images constitutes your agreement to these terms and the terms of copyright as outlined below.
  • Your right to reproduce a picture arises only when Shine's invoice relating to the grant of such a right is fully paid. Any reproduction before payment of the invoice constitutes an infringement of rights and a breach of this Agreement entitling Shine to rescind the Agreement and rendering you liable for the payment of damages.

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Our Terms of Business: Copyright

  • 'Shine', 'Shine Photographics and Media' and '' are trade names for Langley Mackrell-Hey, acting as a sole trader. Langley-Mackrell-Hey retains the copyright of all photographs taken or supplied to clients, unless stated otherwise.
  • No images taken by Langley Mackrell-Hey or held by Shine shall be copied, reproduced or transmitted for any purpose and/or used for financial gain without written permission of the parties involved. However, photographs may be used by Shine for promotional purposes (e.g. this website, personal portfolio linked to the copyright holder, etc.)
  • In the event that any photograph taken by Langley Mackrell-Hey or held by Shine is duly or unduly used for commercial purposes, any royalties obtained from its publication shall be split equally - 50% to Shine and 50% to the photographer.
  • All pictures supplied to you from Shine are LOANED. When payment has been received (and in the case o cheques, cleared, we will grant you the license to use our images. This does not mean that either property or copyright is then passed to you. All images remain the property of Shine or the original owner. Once the pictures have been used according to the agreed licensing terms, all pictures supplied in digital format should then be deleted from all systems or storage media. If your illustrated item (for example, a book, a brochure, an advert, etc) is reproduced in a new form, a fee shall again be payable for the photographic image shown, irrespective of any previous rights granted.
  • Any reproduction rights granted are by way of license and no partial or other assignment of copyright shall be implied.
  • Exclusive reproduction rights are only granted when previously agreed and when specified on the invoice.
  • Reproduction rights once granted are personal to you and may not be assigned, nor may any picture once submitted to you by Shine be loaned or transferred to third parties, except for the license granted to you of such reproduction rights.
  • Reproduction rights (if granted) are strictly limited to the use, duration, and territory specified on your invoice and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, relate to a single publication, in a single size with text or without text.
  • Your right to reproduce a picture arises only when Shine's invoice relating to the grant of such a right is fully paid. Any reproduction before payment of the invoice constitutes an infringement of rights and a breach of this Agreement entitling Shine to rescind the Agreement and rendering you liable for the payment of damages.
  • Damages - You agree that you are fully responsible for the use of and any consequential effects arising from the use of any photographic image and fully indemnify Shine against inclusion in any proceedings or damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of any purchased photographic images.
  • Termination - This agreement shall terminate immediately if any of its provisions are violated. Upon termination you must immediately stop using the image(s) and delete all copies from your website(s).

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