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All images are copyright Rev Langley Mackrell-Hey, Shine Photographics.

We no longer post images on the Gold Range Gallery but plenty of samples of our work are included on this site (take a look at the online exhibitions) and in our recently developed websites: www.louthmethodist.org.uk, www.nicholsyouth.org.uk and www.louthpassionplay.org.uk

Clients who commission us have their images posted securely for viewing and feedback - with the option to download images required for marketing/brochures.

(1) Documentary Photography NEW ONLINE EXHIBITION: 'Faith in Monochrome'
(2) Secure Viewing Area for clients allowing review and feedback. INCLUDES BUSINESS COMMISSIONS
(3) Images/Projection backdrops for use in worship

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Documentary Photography: 'Faith in Monochrome'
Any of these images may be right clicked and used in worship.

12 Disciples

This gallery shows how both lay and ordained members of the Church meet together with our partners to plan for the future. It includes scenes of worship and prayer at the beginning and the end of the proceedings, portraits of the keynote speakers and delegates in conversation. The images were sourced at the Lincoln and Grimsby District Synod of the Methodist Church.

12 on Mission
The Church is often considered out of date, out of touch, out of sight and out of most people's minds. Sadly, this fails to acknowledge the real story of how faith is vibrant and life transforming. These twelve images show some of the people who have been inspired by the Christian faith. They also show the extreme measures that the Church is prepared to take to ensure that the gospel can be shared in word and action. Images range from a simple photograph of a new disability access ramp through to coffee and prayers offered on board a mobile Church.

12 Fresh Expressions

'Fresh Expressions' is a joint initiative of the Methodist Church and the CofE to encourage new and different ways of being Church in a changing culture. These images were sourced at a vision day beginning with worship, moving on to keynote speakers and providing a venue where leaders of groups could meet for fellowship and encouragement. Worship scenes reflect a shift in style from the sombre traditional (often termed 'reverent') towards one that recongnises the diverse needs of congregations, and the need to welcome people of different outlooks and expression.

12 Images of Family
This gallery shows the Church in celebration during a service of baptism for my daughter, Maya. The efforts made to welcome children and newcomers is particularly evident. You may notice how the contemporary is blended with the traditional. In addition, there is an emphasis on participation and meeting diverse needs. Above all what comes across is the sense of closeness between everyone, an emphasis on prayer and a broader understanding of family.
These images have been photographed by James Shapcott.

12 Articles of Faith

Typically, the term 'articles of faith' is used when referring to the core beliefs shared by a religious community. This gallery takes a completely different perspective, relating faith to everyday objects or experiences. Some speak more obviously; the image of a bible is one such example. Others speak of how simple modern objects, such as mobile phones have had an incredible impact on the way in which Christians networking and communication. Others speak in less obvious ways.

12 Hearts, Hands & Voices

This is the second gallery of images produced following a Lincoln and Grimsby District Synod. It would be normal to try and capture points of dynamism during such meetngs - especially in keynote speakers. This usually involves a focus on hands and faces. Even so, the layout of the synod, encouraging conversation and response from the floor led to a number of images where hearts, hands and voices were clearly at work. This was no boring meeting.

(See also the links to 'The Secret Life of a Methodist Minister' and 'The Power of Faith' exhibitions.)

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