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This section of our website contains:

(1) Writing press-releases intended for local churches and organisations.
(2) Example Press-Release with images.

We would welcome any donations towards Shine's costs We leave the amount you wish to donate up to you. Even though we offer a professional service, we also accept tips!

(1) General Advice

Methodist Organisations:
Firstly, if you are a Methodist organisation, consider the existing links that you may have within your Circuit, District and the wider connexion. Whilst there is nothing to stop any Church or organisation contacting the media themselves, it is always good to work in partnership and take advice from any individuals who have already been given such a role. In our own District, our Media officer has been a tremendous help in passing on information to the press. It will make their life easier if you already have a firm grasp of what you have to say.

Other organisations
Exatly the same applies for other organisations. The worst case scenario is when an individual in an organisation is being contacted by the press - and they are completely unaware of a situation that they are asked to comment on.

If it works for us, it may well work for you:
We offer this guide to dealing with the press. It has been developed and used as a policy but began life in a media studies lecture room on an MA course run by Cliff College in Derbyshire. It has since then been put into practice in handling large scale events where Langley was appointed as a media contact - this included Just10 Lincolnshire and Searchlight:6T. It was also used in a workshop held by the Lincoln and Grimsby District aimed at helping local Churches engage with the media.

Download 'Media Manners' Advice Sheet 1 Click here to download your free acrobat reader.

Note:: We recommend right clicking and saving to your own PC (click 'Target as')
as online viewing of large PDF's can be troublesome.


Washingborough Methodist Church Say it with Flowers

During the Easter weekend, Washingborough Methodist Church will be hosting a flower festival with a difference. Members of the Church have handed over use of the worship area to students of Kathryn Barker Floristry, who have been studying at the Robert Pattinson Adult Education Centre in North Hykeham.

The exhibition, themed ‘Women of the Bible’, will include both traditional and contemporary arrangements. The students have planned for themselves how the space inside the Church will be transformed. The event will coincide with church anniversary services celebrating how successive generations at Washingborough have worshipped and served the local community for over 150 years. Light refreshments will be served by the Church hospitality team.

Senor Steward at Washingborough, Lily Amery comments, ‘Lent and Easter is a time when we remember the story about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. We look forward to welcoming Kathryn’s students, who will use their skills to say something about how faith has been so important to those who have gone before us’.

Washingborough Methodist Church is also fundraising for Making Sacred Space, a building scheme that will improve access, comfort and flexibility throughout the premises. Above all, the Church believes that faith must be seen in action. On this occasion, they have chosen to say it with flowers. Thanks to the support of the wider Methodist Church, charitable organisations and the local community, the congregation have only to raise another £30,000 to reach their initial target of £150,000. Admission will be free. Everyone will be made welcome. Donations towards expenses and the work of the Church will be gladly received.

Dates and times:

Saturday March 22nd, 10am-4:30pm
Sunday March 23rd 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Easter Monday March 24th 10am - 4:30pm

10:30am March 23rd; Easter Morning Family Service, Rev Langley Mackrell-Hey
6pm, March 23rd, Easter Evening Service, Rev Ian Hill (Circuit Superintendent, Lincoln South Circuit.)

Contacts; Steward: Lily Amery 01522 790838, Hospitality: Carolyn Swann 01522 790315.

Community Link Contact (for letting enquiries), Pam Weetman 01522 809295.

Minister, Rev Langley Mackrell-Hey, 01522 794739, e-mail revlmh@btconnect.com

Images supplied by Shine Photographics and Media, 2008, www.shine-photographics.org.uk

Size: Minimum 6insx6ins at 300dpi saved as Medium Quality JPEGS, suitable for immediate use.