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Our Services E-mail us for a quote or phone 07525 762538

1. Corporate Imaging
2. Event coverage
3. Portraits and Studio Photography
4. Digital Editing
5. Other Products

1. Corporate Imaging for use in advertising material, framed photographs, websites, presentations:

As an example, the two images from the left were produced for LACE Housing Association following a half-day shoot. The second is from their new housing complex, Olsen Court. Both now serve as key images in their advertising. We are able to shoot in film or digital. Most business customers now prefer the immediacy of digital which gives rapid results and allows them to view the pre-processed images on the day. This allows you to be fully involved in the creative process. We provide all images at maximum filesize and highest quality, giving you the greatest versatility in how the product is used. You may begin for example by sourcing images for a website but then want to use them in brochures or prints: we ensure that you can keep your options open.

2. Event Coverage:

1We are experienced in small and large scale event coverage. Our style is much more journalistic than with corporate imaging, revealing a story in pictures. Frequently our images are used alongside press releases to advertise the build up to an event, or the event itself.


3. Portraits and Studio Photography:

1If you are searching for more formal portraits we are able to bring the studio to you. Some clients prefer this because we are able to include part of your home in the picture. Typically we would look to produce two or three photographs from one shoot and will present you with a range of options.

The studio is also a good place for shooting still life subjects. We charge a single fee for each object and view it from at least three perspectives. This service is particularly useful for those clients who wish to show large prints of their products, or who wish to photograph items for insurance purposes.The image to the left here, and the two on the right of the banner at the top of this page are examples of studio controlled photography.

4. Digital Editing: (For more information refer to our technical info. page.)

An element of digital editing is built in to our fees for any shoot. All images benefit from changes to colour balance, saturation, creative cropping and sharpness. As a separate service, we are able to take your prints, film or digital files and make alterations; colour can be converted to black and white, damaged photographs can be scanned, computer-enhanced and restored, we can move or remove objects or people and we can add text and graphics to images.


The 'crop' is one of the most powerful tools for drawing the viewers attention to what you want them to see.


For more examples of our digital editing techniques, refer to our technical information page. Examples here are as follows, from left to right, Remove posts from pier- apply warm up filter to remove the colder blue hues from the picture - add highlight to left - increase saturation - convert to black and white.

5. Other products (For more information refer to our download/upload/sales and Fees page.)

DVD's for marketing purpose

The use of DVD's is becoming an increasingly popular. Whilst we do not deal in moving images, we are able to sequence images and text with audio and produce an impressive marketing tool for your business or organisation. These presentations originate from a range of formats (including windows audio-video files) that can be loaded on to your laptop and played direct from your hard drive. The scope of this product is huge ranging from 'moving backdrops' for speakers at conferences to auto-play DVD's that take your organisation into a client's front-room.


Once you have your images it is how you use them that counts. We can provide training on photography and the use of Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Powerpoint. We can offer guidance on basic editing, printing and use of your images in other applications.

Calendar Images for use in brochures, postcards (high volume required) and archival quality prints.
Additional Products
: please ask. All of our products are individually tailored for our clients.


Larger prints and canvatex can be ordered, although these require some additional work.

Images for use in powerpoint presentations supplied on CD-ROM.

DVD Presentations on faith-based themes produced for Churches (e.g. 'Baptism', 'Faith in God',
'What is mission and evangelism')