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Urgent Notice - Images of the month can be viewed and downloaded at : picassa
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Becoming a Volunteer - How you can help us?

Host and Staff an Exhibition
Our goal is to encourage people to think about the difference that faith can make to their lives, and to raise the profile of mission and evangelism both inside and outside of the Church. Our exhibitions can be presented through talks or the display of prints. We have both the Secret Life of a Methodist Minister and The Power of Faith ready prepared. Some time is required to lay out the exhibition - whcih comes with captions and descriptions. We ask that your volunteers steward. This is a great opportunity of using image to introduce people to aspects of faith and the life of the Church - and converstaions naturally arise.

On another level, if you are a member of a camera club, or have others around you interested in photography, we can work with you to help develop an exhibition of your own. We are surrently looking for a 2007 exhibition and want to involve more people.

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Donate your images - and allow us to share them with others.

Image of the month can be viewed and downloaded at : picassa

Please respect the copyright limitation for screen use only. The quality of the downloadable image will never allow a high quality print to be produced. However, prints are a major step in making enlargements. These images are also for sale as commercial products. We will charge a double fee for infringement of these terms.

How to donate
A limited number of images donated for use are posted on google's picassa site, and shared with our supporters. We will only select one or two images relating to a particular theme and offer these for free on a monthly basis. You will be acknowledged as the copyright holder at all times, and print use will be forbidden without prior permission from you or us acting on your behalf. Please realise that your images may also be incorporated into our advertising, worship materials and learning resources (for which we may charge a fee). You will not profit financially from the donation of the images unless (1) The image is sold for corporate use, in which case you will receive 50% of the sale price, or (2) We offer you a discretionary discount given the extent of your support for Shine. Here is how to proceed:

  1. Read our photographic policy and understand the guidelines that you must adhere to.
  2. Contact us via e-mail (revlmh@btconnect.com) and send 6 images (saved once as JPEGS, medium quality).
  3. We will critique your images and if happy will advise you on the kinds of images we are looking for.
  4. You send further images to us with a release form on your behalf (see below) and model releases if you are covering an event where children are present.

    Photographers Release Form Model Release Form

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Become a Shine Phototographer on a voluntary basis

This requires a different level of commitment. Shine provides a professional quality of service both inside and outside of the Church. As a Shine Photographer you will adhere unreservedly to our photographic policy. We will provide training in the use of professional equipment and you will work alongside Langley in covering mainly Church events. As you grow in expertise you may support Shine in in its work for organisations. This option is particularly helpful if you are looking for work experience. Currently, we have one student supporting us as a Shine Photographer - and we have a vancancy for a second member of the team. We can guide you in picture taking using a 35mm equivalent digital format. This includes the use of studio flash, digital editing and web design packages. We use Adobe industry standard products.

Working for Shine on a Professional basis
If you are a professionnal photographer who is looking for freelance work, we would be interested in hearing from you. We would normally contract you to cover an event for an agreed fee. We will expect you to use your own equipment.

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Link to us from your website

This is always appreciated - and
we will always look to supporting you with advice. A link to us will be reciprocated on our imaging/advice webpage.

Commission us/Buy our products
Langley currently works as a minister in the Lincoln South Circuit - and Shine is an aspect of his ministry. As any other minister can take on a chaplaincy, writing or teaching role, Langley is permitted to carry out a small level of non-Church related work. This income, generated through private commissions and corporate work is what funds Shine. If you are a registered Charity (or a Charity recognised by statutory instrument), you may benefit from our reduced rates.

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(Images from top Shine/Searchlight:6T 2005)
Middle band Deacon Christine Milne, Methodist Church, photos of sheep for 'The Lord is my Shepherd' Resources.
Original is on the left, we have applied additional effects including fog, grayscale and infra-red film.
Bottom Shine/Mackrell-Hey, 2005. Secret Life image.